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If you are pregnant or parenting a child under the age of one, you’re eligible for all of our pregnancy and parenting classes, programs, and services.

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Money Management

    Money Management

    In partnership with Tenfold, you will explore different topics including basic financial understanding, credit scores, debt management, and student debt.
    Your Whole Self

      Your Whole Self Workshop

      Learn how your body works, practice self-care, and improve the way you relate to others. You’ll be empowered to own your own healthy choices, because...
      A Woman's Concern

        Pediatric CPR

        Learn how to perform life-saving CPR properly on infants and children from our certified instructor Adele. Note: This class does not provide CPR certification.
        Car Seat Safety

          Car Seat Safety

          Learn about Car Seat Safety with Natalie Littlehalen. Explore how to properly install a car seat, explore the FAQs to Car Seat Safety, and safely transport...
          Breastfeeding 1

            Breastfeeding 1 (20 Weeks)

            If you’re 18-22 weeks into your pregnancy, you’re eligible to attend this free class with our in-house expert lactation consultant. In this class, you’ll learn...
            Creating Series

              Creating Series

              This dynamic collaboration of Video Lesson and Classroom style learning, the Creating Series looks at different areas including Honesty, Kindness, Courage, Motivation, and Confidence and...
              Breastfeeding 2

                Breastfeeding 2 (34 Weeks)

                If you’re 32-36 weeks into your pregnancy, you’re eligible to attend this free class with our in-house expert lactation consultant. This class is a follow-up...
                Nutrition Class

                  Nutrition Class

                  Learn the basics (and beyond!) of family nutrition with instructor Emily Bumgarner, RDN, LDN, an in-store dietitian with Weis Markets. Great for moms & dads…...
                  Your Whole Self: Know Your Body

                    Know Your Body

                    Demystify your reproductive health by learning about the different phases of the menstrual cycle, how to tell which phase you’re in, and myths vs. facts...
                    Healthy Relationships

                      Healthy Relationships Series

                      Develop self-awareness and care, learn communication and conflict strategies, set healthy boundaries, and explore self development. Fuel yourself and set patterns in motion for a...

                      On-Demand Classes

                      • Sexual Health & Relationships

                        • Assessing Your Decisions
                        • Boundaries & Expressing Your Needs
                        • Warning Signs
                        • And more!
                      • Body Literacy

                        • Know Your Body
                        • Contraceptive Options
                      • Prenatal & Pregnancy Basics

                        • First Trimester Expectations
                        • Emotions of Pregnancy
                        • What is Safe in Pregnancy
                        • Big Belly Mommy Hacks
                        • Bonding with Your Unborn
                        • Unborn Baby’s Secret World
                        • Simple Infant Care
                        • The Final Stretch
                        • Taking Care of Yourself After Birth
                        • And dozens more!
                      • Mom & Baby Safety

                        • SIDS
                        • Post-Partum Depression
                        • Car Seat Safety
                        • Shaken Baby Syndrome
                        • Infant CPR
                      • Parenting Basics

                        • Infant Expectations
                        • Infant Nutrition
                        • Baby Language
                        • Baby on the Move
                        • Toddler Development
                        • The Important of Words
                        • And dozens more!
                      • Mom Care

                        • Understanding Your Infant
                        • Mommy Nutrition
                        • Getting Your Baby to Sleep
                        • Taking Care of Hygiene
                        • Mommy Works
                      • Fatherhood Basics