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The idea of raising a child can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if the pregnancy was unexpected. You may be facing concerns like:

  • I can’t afford a child.
  • How will I finish school?
  • My partner doesn’t want a baby.
  • I’m too young.
  • I can’t tell my family.
  • How will I keep my job?
  • I have no support.

Slow down, breathe, and give yourself time to sort through your thoughts and emotions
so that you can make a good decision for yourself and your family. Remember, you are not alone. You don’t have to have all the answers right now. Our advocates can help you sort through some of your questions and concerns and help you find resources in the community to meet the challenges you may have.

Along with our community partners, we have an education and support program designed specifically to help people in your situation to manage concerns like these and prepare for a successful future.

Strong Families Program

Parenting can be tough at any age, no matter what the circumstances. Our team at A Woman’s Concern is here to encourage, educate, and support you by providing tools and resources such as our Strong Families parenting education program.

There is no cost for this program, no insurance is necessary, and there are no financial eligibility requirements.

Mentorship and educational workshops are offered to help new parents thrive in their roles. Incentive programs encourage class participants to earn basic baby supplies, equipment, food and more.

If you choose to enroll in the program, our team will develop an individualized lesson plan that is specific to your needs to help you better understand both the joys and the challenges of parenting. Client Advocates—our peer counselors and trained support experts—provide ongoing support, as you prepare to be the best parent possible.

No one can decide for you.

When faced with an unintended pregnancy, you may find that everyone wants to give their opinion about what you should do. But it’s YOUR decision, and no one should decide for you. Our staff and client advocates will give you the guidance and support you need to make an informed decision for yourself.

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