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STI/STD Testing

A Woman’s Concern offers no cost, confidential testing for two common sexually transmitted infections—gonorrhea and chlamydia. No insurance is needed, and there are no eligibility requirements.

Testing is available by appointment only.

If you are sexually active, you could be at risk. The CDC recommends getting tested every time you have sexual contact with a new partner. Many STIs have minor or no symptoms but can cause serious health problems in the future.

NOTE: Pregnant women considering abortion should get tested for STIs even if they don’t have any visible symptoms. Having an active STI at the time of an abortion procedure can cause serious complications.

Here’s how our testing process works:

  • Contact us to schedule an appointment for STI/STD testing.
  • At your appointment, we’ll collect a urine sample (no blood draw) for testing and schedule your follow-up appointment.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to check out our Your Whole Self educational series.
  • A week after your test appointment, you’ll receive your results at your follow-up appointment. Treatment for STIs is usually an antibiotic, we can call a local healthcare provider to schedule treatment as well as further testing. The testing is provided at no cost to you.

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