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Relationships & Sexual Health

Relationships Shape Your Life

Sexual Health and Relationship Education

A Woman’s Concern is here to equip you for a future that is healthy and whole.

Every aspect of your health is connected—mind, body, & soul.

As a result, your sexual behavior will directly and greatly impact your overall wellness. That’s why we believe that sexual health education is so important. We want to share our knowledge with you and support you on your journey to making smart, forward-thinking choices that will lead to optimal health for you and your loved ones.

Our team of SRAE-certified instructors is trained to do just that.

We offer a wide range of weekly classes to help you gain the knowledge you need for a bright and beautiful tomorrow.

Client Education Program

Healthy Relationships

Learn and master the tools you need to maintain healthy friendships, understand consent, navigate conflict, spot relationship “red flags”, skillfully handle breakups, and more. You’ll also learn sexual risk prevention strategies that affirm your value as a person and can help keep you healthy—mind, body, and soul.

Teen & Student Education Program

Empowered Youth

Our inclusive, evidence-based lessons help students feel empowered to set boundaries, respect other perspectives, understand media influences on their thinking, and set “now goals” for “later dreams.”

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