Do I really need an ultrasound before an abortion?In short—yes, you really do.

You need to make sure you are actually pregnant, and an ultrasound exam is an important part of that determination. Taking one of our professional grade pregnancy tests with a member of our team will help you confirm your pregnancy.

If you qualify for an ultrasound, our medical team will offer you an ultrasound that same day.

Three Important Reasons Why You Should Get An Ultrasound Before Scheduling An Abortion:

  • First, we will confirm that your pregnancy is inside your uterus and that it is not an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Second, we will take some measurements to estimate how far along you in the pregnancy.
  • Third, we will see if we are able to detect a heartbeat at that time.

So, YES, it’s very important to have an ultrasound exam and know the information we described above before making a decision to schedule an abortion appointment.

After gathering the information you need and reviewing all of your pregnancy options (abortion, adoption, or parenting), you will be better able to make an informed decision about your pregnancy.

Choose to be informed.

Remember, we are here for YOU. No cost. No judgment—just honest answers and accurate information.

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This information is presented as an informational tool only. It is not intended to replace medical advice or care from a qualified medical provider.

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