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PRESS RELEASE: Here We Stand, Watching Roe Fall

Taking away a right that has been presumed by many to be rooted within the foundational law of the United States for half a century is understandably a really big deal. Americans are anything but united on the abortion debate and haven’t been for the last 49 years.

Yet, here we all stand, watching Roe fall.

The overturning of Roe v. Wade means uncertainty, something our nation has had all too much of in the past several years. This ruling means that access to abortion is no longer a ‘right’ protected by the federal government and that state laws will now prevail. It does not make abortion illegal in the United States; rather, it allows the governing bodies of each individual state to make their own laws restricting and/or permitting abortion as they see fit. We will most likely see a mix of some states making abortion laws more restrictive and other states opting for fewer or perhaps even no restrictions. In many states, though, nothing will change.

Current Laws in PA

Under current law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, abortion will remain legal and accessible for women through 24 weeks gestation. And, as always, women who become pregnant unexpectedly will need to know that support for their situation exists and that there are places where they can go for help.

Support for Pregnant Women

AWC (A Woman’s Concern) has been a part of the Lancaster community for the last 50 years. Founded in 1972, our center has earned a tremendous reputation in the community for combining compassionate care with practical support and valuable education for women and families struggling with an unplanned pregnancy. Our purple doors are open and ready to support any woman who is seeking to understand what options lie ahead and what resources are available to help her as she moves forward.

Many of the women who walk through our purple doors do not feel prepared to become mothers. But AWC can help. We exist to ensure there is support when women need it most. We offer free pregnancy tests and limited ultrasounds to confirm pregnancy and viability. Both women and men are invited to attend the more than 150 classes and workshops we offer to learn about pregnancy and parenting, and to find the compassionate care that exists to help them build their families. Our clients earn points by attending classes, completing homework lessons, bringing in pay stubs, and more. These points are then redeemed for the material necessities which support a new or growing family, such as formula, diapers, clothing, car seats, cribs, bedding, hygiene and personal care necessities, and more.

Looking Ahead

Uncertainty on any level is uncomfortable and can be scary. At AWC, we feel that same uncertainty in these post-Roe days. However, our goal is to expand—and not limit—a woman’s choices by providing her with options and support to make the decision that empowers her and propels her toward a successful future.

As we all navigate the upcoming summer months and the torrent of news related to the fall of Roe, know that AWC will continue to provide all who walk through our doors with compassionate care and dedicated resources to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

For more information about AWC and our work in the Lancaster community, please contact us.

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