Great question! If you receive a positive pregnancy test, you can schedule an appointment with your doctor or OB-GYN immediately

What Happens at the First Appointment?

A first-time pregnancy appointment might include:

  • A review of your medical history
  • A physical exam
  • Lab tests 
  • A discussion on lifestyle choices
  • Scheduling your next appointment
  • Maybe a Doppler or an ultrasound scan, but this might be another appointment
  • A time to ask questions

But What if I Don’t Have Insurance?

Pregnancy comes with many appointments, tests, and ultrasounds. 

If you do not have insurance, now is the time to review your options. Here are some general insurance options to explore:

  • Employer-sponsored health insurance through your work
  • Medical assistance through your state if you meet the income requirements
  • Being classified as a dependent on your parent’s insurance if you are 26 or younger
  • Receive your partner’s coverage through marriage or a domestic partnership
  • Purchase private insurance

A Woman’s Concern can help you if you meet the income requirements and ensure you receive the coverage you need through pregnancy.

But What if I Haven’t Decided What to Do Next?

If you are on the fence between parenting, making an adoption plan, and abortion, your path forward might feel very unclear. The first step in this situation is to start with pregnancy confirmation. The confirmation includes pregnancy testing and an ultrasound. 

An ultrasound will tell you if your pregnancy is viable (you haven’t miscarried), located in the uterus (not ectopic), and how far along you are (gestational age). 

If a complication such as miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy is detected, you can seek medical care right away. If your pregnancy is progressing in the correct location, then it’s time to think more about your pregnancy options.

How Can A Woman’s Concern Help?

A Woman’s Concern offers free and confidential pregnancy testing and ultrasounds with a certified nursing and sonographer (ultrasound)  team, information, and helpful resources. Share your feelings and thoughts in a safe environment where you can process your emotions. 
We’re here to help! Schedule your free appointment today.