Sex Ed should be more than a list of body parts and how-to instructions. After all, there’s a LOT more to sexual health than sex. And that’s where our newest educational program comes in…

Your Whole Self

Did you know that every aspect of your health is connected? Our Your Whole Self program is a holistic approach to decision-making in all areas of your life, including:

Your Physical Body

Your Emotional Self

Your Spirituality

Your Relational Self

Knowledge is power. The more you know about yourself, the better you are able to take charge of your life and your decisions… AND the better you are able to care for your whole self.


As part of the Your Whole Self program, we offer an incredible opportunity for you to get to know your body!

Know Your Body

Your Whole Self: Know Your Body

Do you know when you are ovulating? If your period is a few days late, do you notice? What symptoms are normal… and what might be an STD/STI? How well do you really Know Your Body?

Women sometimes feel alarmed by unexpected aspects of their menstrual cycles and wonder, “Is there something wrong with me?” Most of the time, she is experiencing is completely normal, but she just doesn’t know it.

This class covers the menstrual cycle from start to finish—how it works, what each piece of the puzzle does, and what’s normal (or not). It’s also taught by the expert (see below) who wrote the curriculum… so bring your questions and get informed answers to the things you’ve been wondering about.

Mary Boll

Meet Mary Boll

Mary Boll, the Volunteer Coordinator here at AWC, is a Tallahassee native and Florida State grad who earned her degree in Family and Child Sciences with a focus on counseling. She began her journey as a Sexual Health Counselor at a women’s clinic, where developed her own curriculum to meet the needs of clinic clients who were uncertain and often concerned about what was happening in their bodies.

Using the Know Your Body curriculum, Mary teaches the difference between normal stages of the menstrual cycles versus potential warning signs. Her class emphasizes that knowing about your body can lead to making the best choices for your body, such as seeking medical attention when needed or having peace of mind when your body is simply doing what it’s supposed to do!

Mary makes it easy to talk about a topic that can make some people uncomfortable (which is one of the reasons why women’s knowledge of the subject can sometimes be so limited). It’s time to get comfortable with this conversation, and Mary knows just how to make that possible.

Let Mary and Your Whole Self at AWC empower you to Know Your Body!

This information is presented as an informational tool only. It is not intended to replace medical advice or care from a qualified medical provider.

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