Jacqui's Story


A consistent reminder of the multiplied blessings we’ve seen at AWC this year has been the steady stream of expectant moms contacting us for support while pregnant with twins—nine moms of twins so far in 2019. One of them is Jacqui*.

Reeling from the unexpected news that she was pregnant (with twins!), Jacqui had begun to question what her future could hold. Doting parents to their two-year-old daughter Maria*, Jacqui and her boyfriend were already working hard to provide care for Maria’s special medical needs. The thought of adding two more children to their family filled Jacqui with anxiety. Could she handle two more? Would they even be able to afford two more?

Having attended parenting classes at AWC when Maria was an infant, Jacqui reached out to us again, confident that she would be met with the support and encouragement that she desperately needed, and, for the past several months, Jacqui has been faithfully attending her parenting classes.

Through our Twin Mom Support meet-up this summer, Jacqui recently enjoyed connecting with some of the other moms of multiples. She is also looking forward to an upcoming breastfeeding class with our lactation consultant Charlene, who is also a mom to twins. Another way we have supported Jacqui and several other expectant moms of twins is through the gift of new double strollers, which were generously donated by Chicco.

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While Jacqui still has a long list of things she wants to accomplish before the new babies arrive, she is grateful for the support system she has from her AWC family. When other people questioned how she would handle her growing family, Jacqui says A Woman’s Concern reminded her that she has what it takes to be a good mom to all of her children. Our classes reinforce healthy ways for her to deal with each obstacle as it arises and enable her to care for herself as she prepares for delivery.

A few weeks ago, Jacqui began experiencing preterm labor only 28 weeks into her pregnancy. It was a scary few days, but she recently updated us that she and her tiny baby boys are still doing well. Doctors were able to get the labor under control, and they are hopeful that she will make it to term. According to a 2017 report from the CDC, 63% of multiples are born preterm (<37 weeks), and 37 weeks is considered the average full term length for twin births. The average birth weight for twins is 5 lb 8 oz, but one twin is often smaller than the other.

With so many tiny babies on the way, we’ve recognized the need to increase our regular supply of preemie and newborn diapers. If you’d like to help by donating some supplies to help support our moms of these littlest ones, check out our diaper registry on Amazon at the link below.

* Names have been changed.