Erica's Story


A few weeks after Erica* took a Plan B contraceptive pill, she discovered that it had not worked—she was pregnant.

Upset and overwhelmed, she quickly scheduled an appointment for an abortion. When Erica ran into her friend Gia that week, she confided in her about the situation she was facing. Gia understood exactly what Erica was feeling, because she’d had her own unexpected pregnancy two years earlier.

Back then, a friend had encouraged Gia to visit A Woman’s Concern for help, and Gia suggested Erica do the same. The care and support Gia had received during her time with us had made a big impact on her, and she had decided to embrace motherhood. Filled with hope for the first time after talking with her friend, Erica made up her mind to parent her child too.

When Erica reached out us, we met her with loving care. From the moment we answered her call, through her first visit and ultrasound appointment, and all the way to the beginning of her parenting education classes, we offered hope, understanding, and a listening ear. She connected easily with her client advocate Tobye, who encouraged her to approach the journey she was facing one step at a time.

As time went on, Erica’s family rallied around her in support, and she was feeling more and more confident and at peace with her decision to carry her baby to term. Then just a few weeks later, Erica contacted Tobye and tearfully shared that she’d had a miscarriage. Having fought so hard to make the decision to parent, Erica now grieves the loss of her child and her new dream of being a mother, and we mourn along with her.

The life of Erica’s child may have been short, but it mattered. We are so proud of Erica’s decision to parent her baby, and, for those short weeks, she was a loving mother to that precious unborn child, actively making plans for their future as a family.

When Erica experienced love and compassion, she was able see past the crisis and embrace the opportunity before her. Even when life doesn’t always go the way we hope or expect, we’re here to empower women to face the future with hope.

*Names have been changed.

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