Maddie's Story


Maddie* came through our purple doors pregnant, alone, and sure that her only way out was an abortion.

Our Medical Services Director Linda listened as Maddie shared her story of being a single mom who worked long hours to support her family. Maddie cried as she shared her fear of adding another child to her already stressed life. She’d never believed in abortion and told Linda that she hurt inside just thinking about it, but she was just so overwhelmed.

As Linda talked with Maddie, she encouraged her to take time before making a decision and scheduled Maddie for an ultrasound. During the scan, Maddie watched every detail of the child growing inside of her. When she left our office that day still undecided about what she was going to do, Linda reassured her that we would be here for her—she would not be alone.

Unfortunately, Linda was never able to connect with Maddie again and often wondered what had happened to her and her baby.

Last fall, we held a community celebration in honor of our new location. Despite torrential rain, dozens of curious and excited people stopped by, and among them was Maddie, looking for Linda. With tears in her eyes, Maddie hugged Linda and introduced her to her 8-month-old baby girl. Maddie struggled to find words to express how grateful she was to have found A Woman’s Concern. If she had not met Linda that day, her daughter would not be here.

Simple words of hope and encouragement changed everything for Maddie. With Linda’s help, she recognized her own strength and abilities and is now raising her beautiful little girl!

*Name has been changed.

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