New Year, New Programs (Part 3)


Moms & Toddlers Play Group

At AWC, our parenting classes (which are always FREE) are currently available for women and families with a child up to one year old.

One of the ways we’re expanding our programming is to begin including moms and toddlers in a guided play group called Tot Spot. Through the Tot Spot program, our team aims to help grow the bond between mothers and their children through reading, singing, free play, and other activities, and to help foster new relationships among mothers of young children.

The program is for mothers of children between the ages of 2 and 4 (younger siblings will be welcome as well), and is projected to begin in the spring. More details and schedule are coming soon!

Our goal is for Tot Spot to give moms a chance to breathe, to laugh and enjoy their children in a fun environment, and to connect with other moms in the same season of life.

We know motherhood can be tough, so we want to provide a place where women can build their “village” to love and learn from—together!

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